Earth Screensaver

Earth Screensaver

Planet Earth Screensaver shows our planet from different angles

With Planet Earth Screensaver you can explore the beauty of Earth, the only place in the universe where life is known to exist. From the deep blue oceans to the aurora of the shimmering atmosphere, you can admire the detail of our wondrous planet against the expanse of space.

This 3D screensaver renders spectacular views of our planet as seen from space. High-resolution imagery delivers a detailed and accurate representation of the planet’s surface with a 2 Kilometer/pixel resolution*.

In addition to the texture maps, high resolution height maps provide you with an even greater level of detail by revealing level changes in the Earth’s surface.

Physically based modeling of the atmosphere provides an unparalleled realistic look of Earth’s atmosphere. See how the color of sunlight scatters as it travels through the atmosphere.

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